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A "Postcard from the future" about Sharing Cultures by Sharing Meals, found at

A ‘Postcard from the future’ entitled “Sharing cultures by sharing meals”

In the life of the early church, the disciples had to work out a new way of life. People were coming to faith in Jesus all the time, and needed to know what it meant for them, how they now should live.

And so they spent their time together. No one was left to work it out alone, they lived it together. They learnt from the apostles, those who had been with Jesus during his life on earth, who had walked with him, seen what he did, heard what he said.

But they didn’t just come and go in each others lives, they also shared meals together and they prayed together. As they learnt what was happening in each others lives, they were able to turn that to prayer – and also to practical help. They shared what they had among themselves. They supported each other. They knew each other well enough to know what the needs of each were, and those needs were met collectively.

How much easier would life be if we were able to share our needs, and let others help us meet them?

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