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In marriage, a couple become one in love before God.

The first thing you need to do is get in touch with the priest who is in charge of the church that you are interested in getting married in.

Once you’ve made contact, you’ll be able to have a conversation about what kind of wedding you are looking for and also about the local booking arrangements.

If you can, try not to book a wedding reception venue until you know whether the church is available, that said we have much more flexibility than most Wedding Venues, simply get in touch and we can quickly let you know.

The Rector (The Very Revd. Kenny Rathband, rector @holytrinitychurch.org.uk) is always happy to discuss Weddings, Baptism or Funerals with members of the wider community, whether or not they are members of Holy Trinity.

  • The service can be individual with hymns, readings and otherwise made as personal as you want whilst following the Marriage Liturgy.
  • You can use our 1891 Church Organ and Organist or arrange your own.
  • You can use our organ and organist or arrange your own.
  • We can print service sheets or advise and provide information on liturgy for outside stationery.

No-one can get married in Scotland without dealing with the local Registrar. On the day of the wedding a couple need to produce a Marriage Schedule from the Registrar Service which is run by the local council.

During the course of the service, the schedule is completed by the person conducting the wedding and this then needs to be returned to the Registrar’s Office within three days

At Holy Trinity Dunfermline we would be honored to be part of your big day and can discuss all aspects of this with the happy couple, friends and family to ensure the day can be just as you imagine.

People sometimes ask whether they can get married in church if they have been married before. The short answer is Yes, a fair proportion of the people who get married in the Scottish Episcopal Church have been married before, the Rector may simply ask you about the previous marriage.

Same Sex marriages are also more than Welcome at Holy Trinity Dunfermline. The General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church voted in favour of altering the church’s Canon (Church Laws) on Marriage in June 2017 to remove the definition that marriage is between a man and a woman. It also added a new section that acknowledges that there are different understandings of marriage. This now allows clergy to solemnise marriage between same sex couples as well as couples of the opposite sex. The revised canon also stipulates that no member of clergy will be required to solemnise a marriage if it is against their own individual conscience.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Rector The Very Revd. Kenny Rathband to discuss this further or arrange a viewing of the church either by phone on 01383 732654, or email: rector @holytrinitydunfermline.org.uk

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