Spiritual Growth

There are a variety of opportunities for study and spiritual growth at Holy Trinity.

We hope, firstly, that our worship, including sermons and teaching elements will help you to express your faith and spirituality and will also inspire you to further thought, reflection and growth.

In addition, there are opportunities for spiritual exploration and growth in a number of the different groups that exist within the congregation – especially in the young people’s groups and in the Mothers’ Union.

Other opportunities for reflection and growth also exist.

Our Study and Growth Group meets fortnightly to discuss a variety of different aspects of our Christian faith and experience in a relaxed and informal setting. Recently we have studied a book by John Spong, looked at some of the main themes in the Synoptic Gospels, looked at issues of current concern such as war and peace, and the Environment from a biblical and contemporary perspective and reflected on some of the themes of Advent. More recently we have studied Marcus Borg’s The Heart of Christianity.

Other discussion groups meet from time to time and we are currently trying to develop this aspect of our ministry and to encourage and support more lay people in leading such groups.

On a less formal level, the clergy are always available on a one-to-one basis to help explore and reflect on issues to do with faith and spirituality that are personally important to people.