Pastoral care and support

It is a very important aspect of our ministry that, as a church community, we all have a responsibility to accept one another whatever our failings or mistakes, and to offer each other support and help when needed. This is part of being Christian and belonging to a Christian Community.

Pastoral contact scheme

Whilst many members of Holy Trinity are very faithful in supporting and helping each other at an informal level, there is always the danger that some people, particularly those more on the edges of the church community, slip through the net and don’t receive the support that they want or need. Consequently, at Holy Trinity, we in the process of setting up a pastoral contact scheme with a team of lay people which, we hope, will help us to communicate better, and enable us to keep in touch with all members of the congregation so that we can offer support or help when necessary.


Within the broader context of members of the congregation supporting and caring for each other, the clergy have a particular role to play, and they are happy to meet with people who have problems or issues they would like to discuss.

We will be happy to visit you in your own home or elsewhere, and to visit people in hospital – in Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh or further afield as required.

If you need to speak to one of the clergy please either approach them at church or phone or email to arrange a meeting (see How to contact us page for contact details).