Funerals can be deeply upsetting and moving times for any family and friends but they can also be a celebration of a life. Holy Trinity Dunfermline is always here to support you in anyway we can. You do not need a connection to the Church for us to be able to assist you.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss this further or arrange a viewing of the church either by phone on 07801 789802, or email:rector

There are generally two points of contact when arranging a funeral – the Funeral Director (Undertaker) and the Rector (Priest) or member of the Ministry Team from the church who is going to be conducting the service itself.

A funeral should be arranged in a way that ensures those who will be attending are not rushed or anxious. It is important that either the person arranging the funeral (who will generally be a friend or family member of the person who has died) checks that the church and the person conducting the service are available before agreeing a time with the undertaker. Remember we are here to support you and all those you want to share this time with.

If someone was a regular worshipper in a Scottish Episcopal Church, it is entirely appropriate that their funeral service may take the form of a communion service.

The clergy of the Scottish Episcopal Church would strongly encourage those arranging funerals to hold the main part of the funeral service in the peace and dignity of the local church building rather than a Funeral Director’s parlour or a crematorium but this is a choice for each individual to consider. The Rector will be happy to lead in those settings however and can accompany you and the Funeral party to the grave side.

Those in the church who conduct funerals, generally our Ministry Team, will be able to offer advice on the content of the service itself using resources drawn from the Scottish Episcopal Church’s Funeral Rite.

The easiest funerals to arrange are for those who have made some preparations for their own funeral before they have died. Our Ministry Team is willing to help people to plan ahead and are sometimes used as a resource by those who would like to think about their own funeral whilst they are fit and well.

We can work with you to look at how much or how little colour you would like in the church. We can even supply your favourite flowers for a small donation. We can also record and live stream the service if this is of interest to connect with wider family and friends across the globe.