The body which, along with the Rector, has responsibility for running all aspects of congregational life is the Vestry. The Vestry is responsible not only for the fixtures and fittings and finances, but also for the mission and ministry of the congregation and our ongoing vision. They also act as Trustees for the church as a charity.

The Vestry is made up of up to 13 voting members.

Six members (V) who are elected at the AGM to serve for a period of three years. Plus an additional seven members ex officio (X) but one person may hold more than one of these offices. 

The ex officio posts are the Rector, the Secretary and Treasurer (who are elected by the Vestry), the Rector’s Warden (appointed each year at the AGM by the Rector), the People’s Warden and the Lay Representative (both elected each year at the AGM by the congregation). An Alternate Lay Rep also accompanies the Lay Rep to Area Council, a collection of Episcopal churches in our local area (Fife Cluster). They can then be nominated to Diosecan Synod and then from there representatives are sent to the Provincial Synod.

Additional Roles are also allocated to either Vestry Members (V) or Non Voting Members (NVM) who are invited to vestry meetings. These include but are not limited to Young Church Rep, Youth Fellowship Rep, Property & Maintenance Coordinator, PVG Coordinator and Administrator. Curates or members of the ministry team may also be invited as Non Voting Members (NVM).

For more information on how the Vestry operates head to our Provincial Website.

X1RectorVacancy – Interim Priest: The Very Rev’d Hunter Farquharson 
X2Rector’s WardenDavid Dean
X3People’s WardenLinda Sherwood
X4TreasurerJim Myles
X5SecretaryJames Barcroft
X6Lay RepLinda Brownlie
X7Alt. Lay RepRichard Peat
V1Young ChurchCurrently Vacant
V2Youth FellowshipAndrew Wedge
V3Vestry MemberEve Gilchrist
V4Vestry MemberCurrently Vacant
V5Vestry MemberPost not being considered for election
V6Vestry MemberPost not being considered for election
NVMPVG Coordinator
(Non Voting Member)
Andrew Morris
NVMProperty & Maintenance
(Non Voting Member)
Jack Wardell
(Non Voting Member)
Fiona Barcroft
The current elected Vestry (Dec 2021)