It sounds like progress

Those who have been eagle eyed this morning will have noticed the start of major changes to the church. Don’t worry if you weren’t there to see the changes… most people didn’t spot them all!

If you have been following our Vestry Updates you will have seen some ambitious plans to create two new spaces in the church. We also had an inspection on our audio equipment, whilst our system was up to date and worked well, a faulty microphone needed to be repaired.

New speakers tested during choir practice

On reflection the two speakers at the front of the church were loud enough but meant those in the front pews were being blasted with noise as those at the back could just hear. The solution was simple and we have now successfully added two additional speakers, this means we can actually turn down the volume at the front of the church and yet get a more even spread throughout. This Sunday’s service put them to good use and our choir practice after the service showed what a difference this small change can make.

The creation of two new areas of the church is underway with the major carpentry now complete. Work to stain the wood and complete the building of storage shelf’s on the southern side shown below is ongoing. Including some finishing touches it’s already shaping up.

Southern Space

The desk is for a small technical space that in addition to the current audio equipment can run visual aids throughout the church using projectors and/or screens. If you have any thoughts or experience and want to get involved just get in touch. It’s other main purpose is to add 2/3 additional wheelchair spaces that can also be used for other walking aids if need be. The church has designated spaces in the front of the building but this is seen to be a welcome addition.

Northern Children’s Area

The Northern space is already shaping up nicely with the child friendly wooden heater guards already in place. The small additional bench along the northern wall is to provide a seat for children whilst playing and a corner for adults to use. Soft flooring and bright colours will be added to the many toys and books held in children’s bags that are already kept in the pews. It is hoped this space which will be buggy accessible will provide a flexible and fun space for our youngest members.

What to do with two old pews? Actually one of these pews is newer than the other, only being added in after the baptism font was moved across from the back of the building to a more prominent position at the front. A move replicated all over the Episcopal church. The pews are going to be reused and repurposed into seating in our porch to create another small additional space. It is hoped this will act as a first meeting space for many of our members and visitors, whilst acting as a thankful resting spot for those waiting to be collected by friends or family. There has even been the idea to salvage the hooks to hang up the child friendly bags that are spread amongst our pews.

In addition to this a contract is in place to repaint the church, the difficult decision on the shade of colours is ongoing with samples to be added next week before work can begin mid August.