Youth Reports

YF lead pilgrimage


The annual general meeting took place at Holy Trinity Dunfermline on the 4th December. You can read the reports through the full AGM papers, some of which we will highlight as separate articles on our website.

Fife Cluster Youth Fellowship

YF has had a positive but at time challenging year. Whilst the overwhelming memory has been happy, full of laughs, banter and fellowship we have also faced a declining number which does of course worry us all.

During the pandemic the YF saw around 15 young adults attend online to a point we had two sessions. Since then many have gone onto university but we have kept in touch. We have also met up socially and continue to keep that connection of love and support.

Our small returning band of around 5 have done us more than proud. They have lead services, joined up in diocesan events, attended the provincial youth camp and represented us at events in our own diocese and across the province. I could not be prouder of all they have achieved.

One of our leaders took the opportunity to represent us and the whole of the SEC at the world council of churches, first as a youth delegate and latterly as a voting delegate of behalf of the SEC. With meetings with key leaders, bishops and arch bishops including Justin Welby. Not only this but they led worship, created action groups, set up meetings and influenced people from around the world.

We then spend the rest of the warmer weather making the most of no longer being locked down. Starting with a diocesan sleepover in Birnam where our YF again took the lead in the service. We held a wonderful music night using our new sound system in the church. We raided Wedges Lego box and built a range of contraptions. We spent time at the beach, the park, swimming, and rounded the summer programme off by leading a diocesan pilgrimage form Culross to Dunfermline with members from across the diocese joining us.

3 of our leaders and many of our delegates attended the provincial youth camp. The first post lockdown to be fully in person which became a moving and spiritual event of fellowship.

This term we started by taking part in a pilgrimage and leading a service in the cathedral in Dundee, we’ve had hitting sticks, autumnal adventures, All Hallows’ Eve night, looked at remembrance and will be now focusing on fun advent adventures until Christmas. We even had our YF represented directly at the interviews of our recent candidates for Rector with their opinions making a huge element of our decision process.

As we raised at the last AGM number didn’t return post lockdown. Without a young church and crèche we find it almost impossible to grow YF. We continue to provide a wide range of events and opportunities but with numbers reducing it makes it all the harder to retain those we have.

After Christmas the YF will have to reduce the amount of meetings from once a week. We are in discussions on how frequently we will meet after the holidays. We hope for all your prayers for the delegates and leaders as we go through a reluctant transition. 

Since 2014 we have met weekly and this is a disappointing change however we are sure we will make the most of it and will continue to reach out and support our young people and help them grow in faith.

Our leaders will still continue to support diocesan and provincial events which our youth will still I am sure take an active and leading part. I would like to thank them so much for their dedication, hard work and love. Without them we would not have continued as positively and driven as we are. I can’t wait to built a new programme with them for next year in whatever form we feel gods calling to be.

Lastly I would like to thank my delegates and their families. You have been so understanding and supportive and I know all the leaders genuinely have enjoyed every minute sharing food, faith and fellowship with you all. We will continue to give you a space and a voice in our church. 

Andrew Wedge

Young Church

Currently the children’s area at the back of the church is available for families to use during the Sunday services. Thank you to Elaine and the volunteers who ran Young Church prior to lockdown. The group is looking for a new leader to organise and run YC. If you think you could help on a rota basis please get in touch.