Young Church update

YC 1

This photograph shows the ‘Days of Creation’ tableau the children created on Sunday 21 August.  We listened to the story of how God created the world, from Genesis 1.  We used fabric, plants, stones, pictures and play-dough to create our own representation of the events of the six days of creation and the Garden of Eden.

Over the next few weeks we will be taking our lessons from the Old Testament, learning about some of the famous people and how their faith helped them in times of difficulty or challenge.  We will be exploring the stories of Noah, Job, Jacob & Esau, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, Jonah and more.  As usual, we will share our learning and worship with you at the end of the service and through our pictures and creations in the hall.

Young Church will be leading the Harvest Service on Sunday 2nd of October and will thereafter take a break for the October school holidays, resuming again on Sunday 30th October.

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