YF road trips

We are rightly proud of the Youth Fellowship, a group of young adults who share together each week. Whilst most weeks they can be found eating large quantities of food, mucking around, playing hitting sticks or travelling the country for a range of activities on occasion they do some serious work.

Some of our Youth at Arbroath

Last autumn our delegates took over a Sunday service and planned the whole worship at Holy Trinity and then visited our friends at St Margaret’s Rosyth to do a similar version. Both services went down well and was a chance for our valued delegates to do worship their way and share their faith with our congregations.

Now as exams have finished and we pray for the results people wanted we were back on the road. This time visiting Kirkcaldy and Arbroath sharing our faith with them. Using a mix of music from the old to the very new, videos to reflect on, prayers shared across Scotland. These services connected with these congregations and challenged them to think about the world around us.

Having an injection of Youth and a different style of worship can be challenging but also so renewing. We are so thankful we have their influence at Holy Trinity more often. We are so proud they gave up their time to travel and share their faith with others.

Our Youth also lead worship in Kirkcaldy