Vestry Update

Thank you to the members of our congregation who were able to attend our AGM in December. Thanks to Rebecca Fleming and Hilary Ballinger for the time they served on Vestry and welcome to Elaine Cromwell and David Dean who were voted on at the AGM.
Maintenance and improvement work has been completed in the Rectory. It was decided that the assets from the Blackwood Memorial Trust would be used for future work required in the Rectory.

The organ showcasing events have been delayed as settling in has taken longer than expected with a few issues having to be rectified. The repair to the Vestibule roof is being scheduled for Spring. This year we want to look at the part we play in the center of town.

How useful are these updates? Would you like to know more? Maybe Less? How can we help you know more about the work we are doing at Holy Trinity? Let us know!

The Vestry is looking into improving publicity and our social media presence. New signage options for the front of the church are being investigated.
James Barcroft Vestry Secretary

In the Centre of Town

Next vestry meeting: Tuesday 26th Feb 1815h