Vestry Update

Please see the latest update from our Vestry.

Vacancy update

  • The Congregational Profile for Holy Trinity has been updated and sent to the Bishop.
  • Rev’d Christoph Wutscher, Stirling was able to attend our Vestry meeting.

Communication Survey and Growing Congregations

The strategic theme for discussion in our meeting was Communication. Looking at the feedback from both the growing congregations work and communications survey

  • reports were compiled the feedback from questionnaires and feedback received in these two projects. A subgroup was asked to look at the results and decide on action points to take forward.
  • Andrew Wedge, Stuart Gray and Fiona Barcroft met to discuss improvements to our Website and Pew Sheet and Liturgy at Baptisms.
  • Mailing – it was agreed all mailing should be addressed to the church and we are investigating putting a letter box in the side- door.
  • Emails – it was agreed emails would be set up for post holders which can be passed on to keep emails separate from personal emails
  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – the new requirements due to come into force on 25th May were discussed. New consent forms and privacy notices will be written and given to all members of the congregation.

Property Maintenance

  • AEF Gardens were appointed to maintain the Rectory garden.
  • Repair work to the drains has been completed to address issues with the toilets blocking
  • The outflow from the gulley in the roof above the porch entrance has been cleared.
  • It is hoped the hall floor will be re-polished in June

Other matters

  • Konevets Russian Quartet were unable to get Visas so will no longer being coming to Dunfermline.
  • It was decided to end the contract for the photocopier as most of our printing is currently done offsite. However, as the supplier does not require it back, the photocopier is being retained for as long as we can keep it operational.
  • It was decided to set up a stall at the Fife Interfaith Group event on Friday 1st June. Canon Oliver O’Donovan will be speaking. There will be up to twelve tables with information about different churches. All welcome to come along to the event which is from 7pm to 9pm. The speakers will be in the church and the stall will be in the hall.