Vestry Report


The annual general meeting took place at Holy Trinity Dunfermline on the 4th December. You can read the reports through the full AGM papers, some of which we will highlighted as separate articles on our website.

Vestry Report

It has been another unusual year with Vestry meetings being a mixture of online and meetings in person. Vestry has concentrated efforts on the advertising and interview process to appoint a new Rector. 

We are now hopefully at the end of the process of looking for a new Rector with the guidance of Bishop Ian, Dean Graham Taylorand our Interim Rector Hunter Farquharson. Thanks to the Diocesan Office for their work arranging cover for our Sunday services each week. 

The Quinquennial report is being reviewed and actions points are being put in order of priority. Regular maintenance, servicing and safety checks are being carried out in the Church and Rectory. Smoke and heat alarms have been fitted in the Rectory.

It is planned to update everybody’s details held by the church. The new membership form will include a request for an emergency contact.

For those not able to come to church and not online the weekly mailing continued with the service information. 

Thanks to 

• All the Vestry members and post holders.Andrew Morris who has continued to advise us on required action for the PVG Scheme.

• Andrew, Richard, Lucy and Beth for their invaluable contribution as our IT support team.

• Brendan and Fr Ross who have been presiding over the Thursday services and Canon Oliver for his contribution to taking service and study groups.

• Our Organist, Roger and all the choir members.

• All the visiting priests and cover arranged by the Diocesan Office. We are pleased to say the Bishop will be presiding on Christmas Eve and Very Rev’d Hunter Farqharson will be here for Christmas Day.

• Stephen Ballinger for helping to look after the church and rectory property. The Men’s Shed for decorating the Rectory to freshen it up prior to the new Rector moving in.

• All those that helped to look after both the Church building and garden, particularly the cleaners who have kept the church clean in accordance with Covid requirements.

• All those who helped decorating the churchand providing refreshments.

• All the group leaders and the Contact Group representatives who have stayed in touch despite the difficult circumstances.

• Everyone who comes to church and is involved in the life of the church. Each one of you play a part in making Holy Trinity such a welcoming and special place of worship and fellowship.

If you are willing to volunteer to assist in the running and life of the church please speak to the Wardens. There are lots of roles from serving on the Vestry, being Treasurer or Secretary, joining the choir, helping with refreshments after service to name a few.

James Barcroft, Secretary