The SEC Welcomes You

“The Scottish Episcopal Church Welcomes You” is on the ‘Pisky Pub Sign’ outside our church and every Episcopal Church throughout the country. What does it mean? Do we hold ourself to it? It means we are open to let anyone come and hear the word of God, regardless of background or creed.

Are we as a church always good at it? Simply put no, but at times we can be close. We have people to welcome old and new members to our church tasked with giving out the pew sheets, giving basic information and just saying good morning. Whilst this is great, do the rest of us step back and say ‘well someone else is doing that’ and head off into our usual pew and talk to those we are used to having around us. Liturgy itself is another example that we can come together no matter what Episcopal church we are in, we know the words, many of us off by heart, we repeat it in unison feel part of the church and the service. For visitors however its entirely different, flicking through the Blue book, trying to work out why we sit or stand, why we miss stuff out, why we sing bits or listen or say out loud… its entirely unwelcoming until you get to know it.

We feature in Fifes Doors Open Day leaflet.

Our feature in Fifes DOD.

I have been asked to look at our website, how we convey what we do as a church to the rest of the world, to new members or visitors. What do we say about ourself as a congregation and are we welcoming? Can we say we are welcoming as a whole, yes, can we say you’ll fit in here right away, no we cant but we will do everything we can to make your visit as positive as possible. We have to look at our Pew Sheet, our noticeboards, our signs, our website and our magazine and ensure we not only come across as we would like, but also help those new to us to feel part of our family.

As part of this opening up we are again taking part in Fifes Doors Open Day. We open on Sunday the 18th September all day to any members of the public who want a look around, a chat, or want to start that conversation that we, as members, all had at some point. We have specifically mentioned that we will welcome you all. Whilst the Map is incorrect and the photo doesn’t help you find us, we will be there. Ready to welcome you, ready to say hello and start a conversation. Come and have a look around and we will “Welcome You.”


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