The Rowand Anderson Organ Casing.

Brendan Grimley found this interesting reference to our “fine and richly carved organ case” in a recent issue of the Rhinegold Publishing Choir & Organ Magazine. The feature is titled Border Patrol by Chris Bragg of the University of St Andrews and it describes his visit to Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute to view the house, it’s marble chapel and the Mount Stuart organ. Holy Trinity Dunfermline gets this mention:

“The Mount Stuart organ is housed in one of a series of fine and richly carved organ cases by Rowand Anderson, including the spectacular short-lived (1893-1914) example which accompanied his restoration of Dunblane Cathedral, and the surviving case (1895) housing Charles Hamilton’s organ at (Anderson’s) Holy Trinity, Dunfermline, with which the necessarily shallow Mount Stuart example shares obvious similarities.”

If you have not looked recently take a moment to study the casing which was recently cleaned during the extensive 2017 Organ renovation works.

If you would like to read the complete article at Click Here.