Taize at St Finnians

In January, I attended a Taizé-Inspired Service with our Brothers and Sisters at St Finnian’s Lochgelly. The service was led by Rev Margaret Dineley and Edith Mathieson. There were members of neighbouring churches as well as members from St Margaret’s Rosyth.

Taizé was founded by Brother Roger in 1940 in a small village in Burgundy, where his mother originated from. It was to offer refuge to Jews fleeing Nazi persecution from across Europe. The three core values are prayer, unity and hospitality.

Rejoicing was the theme of the evening’s service. We had assembled in the hall for refreshments prior to the service at 4.30pm. Once inside the church, we observed a few minutes silence before singing the opening chant: the lord is my light and salvation, in god i trust. After each chant, we said a prayer or a bible reading followed by silence. It is in fact a very meditative form of prayer in which singing and silence have always played a large part. It is a way of opening ourselves to Christ’s peace and joy.

Although Taizé services tend to attract young people, it is becoming more popular in many churches,retreats and seminaries. The following intercessory prayer reflect the community that has welcomed people of all faith and none: a community living the gospel call to hope and reconciliation

“Rainbow God, you have created people of many different colours, and given us different cultures. But in you each has its source and fulfilment. In Jesus Christ you have made us one, breaking down the walls we make to protect ourselves. By your Holy Spirit you have joined us in one body, giving to each part its special gift. Help us to use our unique gifts for the sake of your Kingdom.”

This service is held every second Sunday of the month at 4.30pm with refreshments at 3.45pm Everyone is most welcome.

“God of every human being, you never force our heart: you place your peaceful light within each one of us. With that light shining on them, our failures and our joys can find meaning in you.” (prayer by Brother Roger of Taizé)