Shrove Tuesday

Many Pancakes with Many Toppings

Shrove Tuesday is more commonly known as Pancake Day and has always been marked at Holy Trinity by a party.

The Pancake Party has been a marker in the church calender and whilst always with food has been accompanied in the past by Music, Ceilidhs and now the YF lead Quiz.

Shrove means confess and is a time when tradionally the cupboards were emptied in preperation of the fasting of Lent. Pancakes were a simple way to use up what was left and have them in turn become part of that tradition.

Whilst 56% of people vote lemon as their top topping I for one like Golden Syrup, this was one of many facts in the Quiz which included trying to guess the highest pancake toss (9m 47cm) or the most pancakes eaten in an hour (1092) with our own church record being 19. Why not join us next year and see if you can beat it?

Huge thanks to everyone envolved from writing the Quiz, making the pancakes or all the clearing up and wonderful service on the night. Thanks to everyone who donated a raffle prize and to everyone who made it.

Today marks the start of Lent with our Sung Eucharist service to mark Ash Wednesday this evening at Holy Trinity at 1900h. We hope to see you there.