SECMAs new projects.

SECMA has some exciting new projects to share with you. Here are two of them.

A Tea-Shop in South Sudan

In the Diocese of Wau in South Sudan, the Mothers’ Union has asked SECMA to help them set up a tea shop. Tea drinking is popular in South Sudan. It provides a moments rest and social interaction, but also an opportunity to get out of the sun. Tea is usually drunk in glasses and is taken black with plenty of sugar.
The Mothers’ Union will use the profits from their tea shop to help some of the many destitute women and children living around the city of Wau to start their own businesses.

Botswana’s Elderly Project

A new project in Botswana is helping local
Christians look after the elderly who are
living alone.

Many are in very poor accommodation, in small huts with no furniture. Fetching wood and water for cooking is tiring and impossible for those with mobility problems.

Volunteers have been running a “meals-on-wheels” service and helping the elderly with personal care. To ensure that everyone who needs care is reached, international charity, Aglow, has built a Day Care Centre – but it is unfurnished.
SECMA has been able to help furnish lightweight plastic chairs and folding tables so that the centre’s elderly clients can eat hot meals in comfort.

How can you help?

We receive a very enthusiastic email from SECMA Provincial Secretary thanking us for the package of stamps we sent recently. Please remember to save your stamps cutting off at least a quarter of an inch of envelope around them. Unwanted First Day Covers are also most welcome. If you are unable to get them to Fay Cuthbertson, Anne Rivers has kindly agreed to pop them round.