Sea Sunday 24th June

Collection for the Mission to Seafarers.

Once again we will be celebrating Sea Sunday at the end of June and there will be a retiring collection in aid of the Mission to Seafarers at the eleven o’clock service when when we will have the opportunity to think of the seafarers who bring imports to out country.

Nowadays the merchant seafarers in most ships are from low pay countries such as the Philipines and Indonesia. Almost all the ships are registered in countries which are only interested in getting the registration fees and do not enforce standards of pay or good working conditions. The men and women in the crews are away from their homes and
families for long periods. When they have personal family or welfare problems they have no one to turn to for advice or help except for the Mission to Seafarers.

So on 24th June let us pray for the Revd. Tim Tunley the Chaplain of the Mission in Scotland and his voluntary helpers and all those seafarers who bring us the oil and other imports that make up around 95% of everything we use on a daily basis, that we need and more importantly give generously so that the work of the Mission may continue.