Prayer Group Report


The annual general meeting took place at Holy Trinity Dunfermline on the 4th December. You can read the reports through the full AGM papers, some of which we will highlight as separate articles on our website.

Prayer Group

During lockdown, a combined Holy Trinity and St Margaret’s Church Prayer Group was created at a time when many were turning to prayer to cope with the difficulties of lockdown, loneliness and isolation from friends and family. It was also a time when meeting for worship was restricted because of the Covid pandemic.

We meet by Zoom – this was the most appropriate way during lockdowns, but because of the group members’ other commitments Zoom meetings work best for us so we have continued with them. However,there’s room for more than one style of prayer group should others wish to create a face-to-face one.

We normally meet every two weeks on a Tuesday evening at 7:15 for 40 minutes. We open with a topical prayer, for example one that reflects the liturgical season, the church’s current concerns for creation or is connected to the Sunday reading.

Requests for prayer are shared – these requests are often for people in the church community or their friends and family, some are anonymous. All requests for prayer are kept confidential, and only first names or initials are used. We also pray for the wider community, remembering the whole of God’s world and people.

Whilst we pray for people in ill health or experiencing other difficulties, for areas of the world affected by natural disasters, or man-made catastrophes, we also remember to give prayers of thanks. We give thanks not only for those who have been comforted or healed, but also for a calm night, the beauty of the leaves of autumn or often simply give thanks that God has brought us together in prayer.

Currently there are six of us in the group, but others would be very welcome. We all share the ‘work’ involved …. bringing opening and closing prayers, taking notes and sending out a summary of prayer requests, hosting the Zoom.

If you would like to be involved in our Zoom prayer group please e-mail us. Or if you want to request a prayer, please get in touch – speak with Isabelle Pottinger or Audrey Ricks or with the People’s Warden, Linda Sherwood, or e-mail ku.gro.hcruhcytinirtylohnull@reyarp.