Pisky Pub Sign

The old and the new

Over time everything fades, the power of the sun even in Scotland eventually fades our signs. We all need a little TLC from time to time and eventually an upgrade is sometimes required.

The Scottish Episcopal Church is recognised by our rectangular signs all across Scotland. Those powerful words “the Scottish Episcopal Church welcomes you”. No terms and conditions, and directed at anyone who sees it. When travel is again permissible across Scotland, in hundreds of towns and villages the brightly coloured sign can be found in pride of place on display on our churches. Nicknamed the Pisky (short for Episcopalian) Pub Sign for its likeness and size to the traditional signs that can be found outside pubs and inns around the country.

Our old sign on the East Port

Our Pisky Pub Sign sat proudly on the East Port for many years. Thousands passing it daily, it’s prime position means it can be seen in both directions as you enter or leave the town centre. As you can see the bright colours on our sign had now faded so badly it was hard to make out most of the details. Almost all of the wording was illegible.

Even in the dark our sign is brighter

With our new signage installed just before Christmas it was much more noticeable that this needed to be rectified. Thanks to everyone who helped get them sorted, cleaned and installed.

Our new church signage

Our old signs have not gone to waste however. Many people turn down Viewfield Terrace to the car park rather than walk down the East Port. We had no signage on the side of our church building, so with a very small modification we made use of our old signs to fill that gap at no extra cost.

Our old sign put to good use
Viewfield Terrace side of the church
Watch the unveiling here