Pastoral Letter 5 January 2021

Dear Friends

Once again it is with great sadness that we have been instructed to close our church buildings due to guidance from the Government.

Although our buildings are closed, livestreaming of our worship will continue via our online resources as in the previous lockdown. Other information and resources will also be available by post.

Please continue to hold one another in prayer remembering especially those who are elderly and vulnerable. Pray too for children and young adults, whose education is once more disrupted.

Let us also hold in our prayers all key and essential workers, many of whom face great challenges as they seek to fulfil the duties their role requires.

This is an extremely difficult and challenging time for all of us as our everyday life and movement is once again restricted.

Let us pray that the presence of the Light of the World, whose birth we have just celebrated, will continue to shine brightly in the days ahead filling us with His hope and love.

With my prayers and best wishes to you all