Our Patronal Festival season

The triquetra symbol

The triquetra symbol

The Christian belief that God can be understood in terms of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is a complex one. Surely God is one or other, he cannot be fully in all three places at the same time. Over the years this teaching has been the cause of considerable doubt and confusion. Why don’t we just simplify the whole thing and make it more believable?

The problem is that this is not a teaching Christians have invented. It has come about because that is how God has chosen to reveal himself to us. God is Father, Jesus is also God and we know God at work in the presence of the Spirit.

It is difficult, but it is a credit to the church that it has lived with an understanding of God which is bigger than human reasoning and not made God more like us.

In the triquetra (Latin for three-cornered) symbol, the three equal arches of the circle express the equality of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the union of the arches represents the unity of the Godhead, and their continuous form symbolises eternity. The fact that they are interwoven denotes the indivisibility of the Trinity; in the centre is an equilateral triangle, the most ancient of the Trinity symbols; each pair of arches forms an ellipse, the symbol of God’s glory.
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Our Church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, and on 7th June we celebrate our Patronal Festival. We would welcome you to join us then, or at other services during June.