New light and a new beginning

The 2009 St Margaret’s Paschal candle

The 2009 St Margaret’s Paschal candle

The Paschal or Easter candle is an ancient symbol of the risen Christ and commonly used in churches during the Fifty Days of Easter. It is a very large white candle, the largest and tallest of all sanctuary candles. Paschal candles are always inscribed with a cross, the current year, and the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, signifying that the Lord is present in His church now in the present year and forever in eternity.

We light our Paschal candle from the “New Fire” at the Easter Day service and place it in the sanctuary. According to ancient liturgical tradition, it shines continuously throughout the Fifty Days until it is finally extinguished on Ascension Day after the reading of the gospel.

After that, it is placed near the font and is lighted at baptisms to remind Christians that in baptism we are crucified and raised with Jesus. The candle is also lighted at Christian funerals as a reminder that those who die in Christ are raised up with Him.

Join us as we celebrate our Saviour’s rising from the grave, and the new and eternal life this assures us.