Message from the Bishop

You can watch the announcement here.

Dear people of Holy Trinity and St Margaret’s,

Thank you for all the support and prayer you have offered for your Rector, Kenny Rathband’s recovery from the serious health problem which he faced just before Easter. Kenny and Ruth have appreciated hugely the love and support you gave and continue to give Kenny has also been receiving excellent care and advice from his doctors, and it is as a result of consulting them that he has decided he must now step back from his roles as Rector and Dean.

Kenny himself writes:
“For health reasons, and after much thought and prayer, I have decided I must retire from full time stipendiary ministry. This has not been an easy decision to make and follows on from my recent heart attack. The date of my retirement will depend on the medical advice I receive in the next few weeks, and will be agreed with Bishop Ian and the Vestries.I have greatly enjoyed working with you in each congregation, and have also greatly enjoyed the privilege of being Dean of the Diocese for a number of years.  Whenever we are able to gather for it, I would greatly value being able to say farewell and offer my thanks to you all in person at a service as soon as we can arrange it I will continue to hold everyone in my prayers.”

This sad news must come as a shock to many of you, even if not a surprise when we understand Kenny’s health situation.

I will continue to give Kenny and Ruth all the love and support that I can, and also to give you my help and encouragement as we move towards the next chapter for Holy Trinity and St Margaret’s. I will also be appointing an experienced Interim Pastor who will serve and support you through the next few months. 

Please keep Kenny and Ruth, and your Vestries and congregations, in your prayers, as all of you are in mine.

With my warmest regards and prayer,

Bishop Ian (St Andrew’s, Dunkeld and Dunblane)

+Ian & Kenny