Life in Lockdown

by Isabelle Pottinger – recently wrote for the Mothers’ Union Diocesan e-news.

Our household consists of my husband, John, our adult son, Iain, and myself.  With all three of us at home during this lockdown, each of us has access to readily-available company.

I’m an enthusiastic gardener.  I had amassed a number of new plants in the autumn, intending to redevelop a few areas of the garden.  As the lockdown has coincided with wonderful weather, I’ve spent recent weeks clearing areas of my garden to house these new plants.

The spring flowers below are (in order) tulip, lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis), and Hellebore (this one is Helleborus corsica).  All grown in my garden, where I photographed them.

Pre-lockdown, I was often out of the house, attending group events: clubs, societies or classes, typically amounting to ten or eleven scheduled events each week, with occasional one to one meetings with friends for coffee or lunch in addition to that.  Of course, all of this has stopped.  Yet I don’t miss that life one bit; I’m so enjoying the peace and quiet of this time – no need to get up early, no need to dress up; my time is my own.  What bliss!

Best wishes, Isabelle.

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