Let there be Light

On Sunday we brought you the wonderful news that our new sign had been installed at Holy Trinity Dunfermline. Now we have even more exciting news, we now have light!

Our illuminated sign

The double sided sign has already grabbed people’s attention on the high street as it sits proudly on the corner. So far comments have been positive and whilst it is hard to miss, its location doesn’t interfere with the road yet can be seen for a long distance in both directions down the East Port on the main entrance to the High Street.

However in the darkness of night, we often search for the light of christ. So to help those who may be looking (if they know it or not) we have illuminated our sign. Whilst our pictures do not do it justice our sign will now be lit every evening, catching the eye of those walking or driving past and showing a warm inviting building there for them.

The sign has three illuminated sections, the celtic Holy Trinity logo with our website and the Scottish Episcopal Church. Then the blue/purple ‘We Welcome’ you in bold. This is our key message, one echoed on our ‘Pisky Pub Sign’ which can be seen on churches across Scotland. ‘We Welcome You,’ no asterix, no terms & conditions, no membership, just come in and be welcomed. We are talking to YOU!

The final section is the changeable panel, this will be used to advertise events, provide service information and will be changed regularly throughout the year.

Three illuminated sections each with a purpose

Like all of our external lights this runs on very low power LEDs ensuring we can be as environmentally responsible as possible. Whilst the sign is illuminated it leads to very little light pollution compared to traditional signs.

Huge thanks has to be given not only to John Young Signs and Jack who helped with the installation but more importantly to Brian our electrician. Brian has been one of those on hand to help us over the years at Holy Trinity Dunfermline. This was a late notice call, just ahead of Christmas, as an earlier slot was offered, Brian’s quick responce and hard work got the sign connected to our wonderful external lighting system to provide the illumination and glowing effect we were looking for.

Brian Duffy

Whilst these photos do not do it justice we hope we will move into a brighter future in 2021 and beyond. All is left to do is wish you all a Merry Christmas, we hope to connect with you at one of our Christmas Services, and a Happy Hogmanay!

Lit every evening alongside the many historic buildings of Dunfermline