Lent Study Group

Lent Study -Tenants of the King

Join us for a 4 week study on Zoom from 7-8:15pm, on Tuesdays in Lent -23/2; 2/3; 9/3; 16/3.

4 part small group study guide

Tenants of the King is a four-part Bible-based study designed to help each of us and our churches consider what the Bible has to say about today’s climate crisis. Each session is interactive and includes video interviews with leading Christian thinkers and insightful Bible commentary. It is produced by Operation Noah, a Christian charity working with the Church to inspire action on the climate crisis.

The study will be led by Jan Benvie, and will help us to reflect on the challenges of a changing climate, building on the motion passed at last year’s General Synod of the SEC setting the target of zero carbon emissions by the church by 2030*. ‘We cannot challenge others if we do not challenge ourselves’ was the message from the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

“We have questions of what sort of investments we place our money into but also questions about how we heat our churches, how often and how far we travel, about the resources we use to run this institution.
We need to get our own house in order if we are to keep putting pressure on the governments and industries of the world. You can’t challenge others if we don’t challenge ourselves.”

There is a booklet to go with the course, copies will be sent on request (they are making this booklet available to be downloaded in PDF format before Lent 2021).

If you are interested, or simply want to find out more, please email ku.oc.oohaynull@eivnebj, include you postal address if you’d like a copy of the booklet.

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