Lady Day

On a beautiful Saturday morning, 35 Mothers’ Union members from across the diocese met at St Andrews, St Andrews to celebrate Lady Day, this year’s event being much delayed due to a clash with Holy Week.

We were warmly welcomed by members of St Andrews, St Andrews. Fortified by refreshments and having caught up on the news of friends from other Branches and Fellowship Groups in the diocese, we made our way through to the church.

During our service of thanksgiving and communion, we listened afresh to the reading from Isaiah (Isaiah 7:10-14), foretelling of the coming of the Messiah, while the reading from Luke (Luke 1:26-38) told of the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary and informing her that she was to bear a son and give him the name Jesus. Revd Professor Trevor Hart, the rector at Saint Andrew’s explored with us issues raised by these readings. He reflected on the nature of motherhood with its joys and sorrows, challenges and opportunities. He reflected on the courage and obedience of a young, unmarried woman told that she will bear a child. And he reflected on Mary’s response, “Here I am…I am the Lord’s servant; as you have spoken, so be it” (New English Bible).

As the Lord called Mary, so he calls each of us to serve him in the world. How many of us can respond, “Here I am Lord, send me”?
After the service, we were invited to stay on in the church to view the display of Celtic Artwork, part of a week-long art exhibition.
Following a break for lunch, we had a short business meeting.

Isabelle Pottinger