In the Net!

Whilst we are all supporting our own Teams this weekend (I am sure Dunfermline Athletic is the team for most of us) and wishing them to find the net on multiple occasions a net of a different kind has been installed at Holy Trinity.

Whilst all things great and small are important, sometimes the small can cause issues. Pigeon droppings are dangerous especially to the young and elderly. A large number have recently nesting in our church porch and due to our large congregation of both children and those more stately.

The vestry therefore had to act and encourage our birdly neighbours back into many of our beautiful trees. The new anti-bird netting is a safe humane way to protect our congregation and encourage our birds back into the trees.

Thanks to all who put in the hours of effort in to fix the netting in place and those who repaired it after the painters managed to damage it by accident.