Holidays are here!

In the Church garden

In the Church garden

Jack Wardell’s picture of some of our young people was taken last year in the garden behind the church, and it’s a reminder, if one were needed, that “school is out”.

Nowadays, “holiday” may mean just freedom from work or school, or can refer to those special times when we can relax and do something different, but of course it started as a contraction of the Old English words that became our “holy” and “day”, and originally referred to the days set aside for religious celebration, when people were expected not to work.

Not only is every Sunday is a holyday in this way of looking at things, a day of rest and refreshment and for worshipping God, but traditionally other days were set aside to honour the saints of old. This month we remember three of these in our services: all are very different people, who you might like to research… Why their symbols? Thomas, a spear; James, a staff; Mary Magdalene, a box. The links are just to get you started…

We welcome you to join us as we make holyday in Dunfermline.