Halie Speerit

During lockdown both Andrew and Rachel have fell back in love with the New Testament in Scots translated by W. L. Lorimer.

A professor in Greek at St Andrews university but also spoke Scots since childhood and after retirement he translated the new testament to Scots from the Ancient Greek; his son got it ready to be published. Much acclaim has been given to the translation with new light shed on both the Scots language and a fresh outlook on the scriptures. Scots being both an emotive and diverse language that has different dialects as the Hebrew gospels and stories were spoken in different tongues the translation reflects this touching on different dialects and old Scots for Old Testament references.

You can listen to some here.

Or look at some worship in Scots here.

The Laird’s Prayer in Scots

Our Faither in heiven,
be hallowt thy name ;
thy Kíngdom come;
thy will be duneon the yird, as in heiven.
Gíe us our breid for this incomin day;
forgíe us the wrangs we hae wrocht,
as we hae foríen the wrangs we hae dree’d;
an sey-us-na sairlie,
but sauf usfrae the Ill Ane:
for the Kíngdom, the pouer an the glorie ar thine
for ivver an aye.