Good Friday Happening 4 – The Crucifixion

Good Friday 2021

The Good Friday Happening is an event where young people enjoy a range of activities all connected to the Easter story. From 10am until 4pm each hour on the hour we will share a range of activities with some thoughts and prayers to celebrate the story of Easter. We hope you will join in when you can and we would love to see your photos or comments , send them to ku.gro.hcruhcytinirtylohnull@htuoy or message us on Facebook or YC WhatsApp.

The Crucifixion

Throughout the day we are following the Holy Week story, you can find the first sessions under the news section.

The Stations of the Church is a service where we focus on Jesus and everything he went through to get to the cross

Point to Ponder

The cross was an act of love – The point of the crucifixion is not to make children feel bad for Jesus. Instead, the crucifixion powerfully displays the incredible depth of God’s love. Because of his love, God sent his only Son to die for us!


We hope you will join in when you can and we would love to see your photos or comments , send them to ku.gro.hcruhcytinirtyloh@htuoy or message us on Facebook or YC WhatsApp.

Activity 1 – Make a colourful cross (there are some ideas below)

Try some origami with some coloured paper and the instructions in this video
Or you can use coloured tissue paper to make a stained glass window cross

Activity 2 – if you have a paper plate you can make an ascension scene

Good Friday Crafts and Activities - Catholic Inspired | Sunday school crafts,  Good friday crafts, Easter sunday school

Activity 3 – Read more about the stations of the cross at Holy Trinity – see if you can spot them all next time you are in church.


Respond to the words ‘yes’ and the ‘no’ by turning your thumbs up or down and repeating ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Death, no! >THUMBS DOWN
Life, yes! >THUMBS UP, AND SO ON
Tombs, no! Gardens, yes!
Darkness, no! Morning, yes!

How things have changed,
O Resurrected One.

Crucify, no! Hosanna, yes!Fear, no! Laughter, yes!
Bad news, no! Good news, yes!

What a difference a day makes,
O Resurrected One.

Silence, no! Alleluias, yes!Mourning, no! Leaping, yes!Fear, no! Faith, yes!

You have turned everything upside down,
O Resurrected One.

God of the morning,
the love that pulled Jesus through death,
and gave him breath again,
may it give us life,
may it give us faith,
may it give us today,
and may it fill us with alleluias.

Yesterday, no! Tomorrow, yes!Calvary, no! Emmaus, yes!Sadness, no! Celebration, yes!

And may it always be,
O Resurrected One.

Remember to check back here on the hour, every hour until 4 to get involved in this year’s Good Friday Happening!