Gods doors can be Windows

Last month at Holy Trinity we asked everyone for their thoughts on how we could improve the church. We had so many suggestions so the Vestry sentenced them into three groups.

  • Short Term – things we can or need to do now.
  • Hopes – things we could do but may need some work or a decent amount of funding.
  • Dreams – things we would love to do, but would require significant time and investment.

Since then we have started work preparing as many of them as possible. A few weeks ago you may have seen on our Facebook that signage was put up to help new members or visitors find our toilets, this month something different.

Our refurbished and modernised doors

This month however, as you can see, there has been a more dramatic change. Those who have been to Holy Trinity before will remember the large wooden doors as you walk into the church. One suggestion was to put a glass pane into the door. This would not only let more light into the church, but help those coming in and out of the church to see what’s going on. It also allows those inside the church to look outwards to where we should be sending Gods word.

This work has now been completed and the new doors installed. We made the decision to not only replace the top panels with glass but all 12! We also took the opportunity to refurbish them too and this keeps our beautiful old hand crafted doors in great condition to be used for many years to come. We hope to see you stepping through them sometime soon.

Our old doors as they had been for over 100 years

We are also working on similar, albeit more significant plans, to create a much more welcoming entrance to the church itself. We also have a Hope (possibly a Dream) around creating a whole new entrance to the South but this is in the early concept phase. As always we welcome your comments either by email or Facebook

Gods doors should be seen as Windows