God of the Harvest

This years harvest decorations, put together by the incredible Gill Wardell, was inspired by Brian Wrens 1974 song ‘Praise God for the Harvest’. Each window display represents one of two of the verses as can be seen below.

Praise God for the harvest of orchard and field,
praise God for the people who gather their yield,
the long hours of labor, the skills of a team,
the patience of science, the power of machine.

Praise God for the harvest that comes from afar,
from market and harbor, the sea and the shore:
foods packed and transported, and gathered and grown
by God-given neighbors, unseen and unknown.
Praise God for the harvest that's quarried and mined,
selected and smelted, or shaped and refined:
for oil and iron, for copper and coal,
praise God, who in love has provided them all.

Praise God for the harvest of science and skill,
the urge to discover, create, and fulfill:
for plans and inventions that promise to gain
a future more hopeful, a world more humane.
Praise God for the harvest of mercy and love
from leaders and peoples who struggle and serve
with patience and kindness, that all may be led
to freedom and justice, and all may be fed.