General Synod

Please pray for the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal church who meet on the 6th – 8th June.

Synod gets underway in Edinburgh.

General Synod brings together representatives from across Scotland together to guide and review the running of the Episcopal Church of Scotland. Being held over 3 days it brings together the thoughts from the 7 individual Diocesan synods.

Meeting in P&Gs church in the centre of Edinburgh the floor of the building is used for voting members and Synod visitors. Here the church votes in 3 groups or houses. The College of Bishop’s, The Clergy and the Laity. Whilst some votes just need the majority of the whole floor some need a majority in each group to be carried over. This is why those who don’t have a vote are invited to watch on from the large public gallery space. Feel free to drop in for a debate that’s interests you or for the whole 3 days. Voting members can propose motions that’s are debated across the floor and if need be back to each diocese between 2 synods. Others are invited regularly to come and talk and propose motions of their own if accepted by the synod without needing to be voting members.

To find out more about what Synod does click here.

Synod debate everything from church legislation, budgets and the philosophy that keeps us all together under Gods love. Bringing together ideas and movements that we can back. Everyone will find at least one of the debate about or motions of interest. Head to the home page in the link below to read more about what we are debating this year.

You are welcome to come watch from the Public Gallery. If you can’t make it you can follow it all unfolding live or read all the papers by heading to the home page.

The floor of the house