From one to another

Tembu contemplating the next chapter

Tembu Rongong joined us at Holy Trinity Dunfermline and St Margaret’s Rosyth as a Curate back in the early 2000s. Both Tembu and his wife Helen had already been involved with our youth work when they stayed in Burntisland and were a welcome addition to our community.

Soon their first child Jadon was on the way, not long after we all said goodbye to our Rector David Campbell who went to work as a School Chaplin. Tembu thankfully stepped up and whilst coming to the end of his time as a curate took the lead and guided us all forward. Many of us have fond memories during their time with us, from music to church pantomimes. Tembu’s calling took him then to St James and St Philips in Edinburgh.

It was here they had their Twin boys Jem and Kiran. As their family grew as did the church. A small church started to thrive. 10 years on the community they leave behind is a strong one and ready to work towards their next chapter.

As with all stories it is now time for a new chapter. The family have felt a calling to move to another Holy Trinity and St Margaret’s. This time in Elgin and Lossiemouth respectively. Bishop Mark, Primus of the Episcopal Church in Scotland who was the Priest in charge in those two congregations before he became bishop presided over the licensing.

Tembu is licensed.

Those of us who were lucky enough to be there could see so much of Tembu’s personality throughout the service. A personality echoed by ++Mark in his address, once when he was talking about Youth work a young priest spoke up on how we conduct youth work. A few years on that priest Tembu now leads the Provincial Youth Committee, chairing meetings and running the camps himself. His calling to help youth across the province, including many from our own YF, is something many of us can see in Tembu. The fact his whole family take an active part in youth work all attending the yearly youth camp at Glenalmond.

Tembu and his family being welcomed

Elgin has a large mixed congregation and I am sure this is a big part of Tembu, and his families, calling up north. Those of us who attended the service could see that. It was a wonderful welcome, with a huge spread of wonderful food. Such a welcoming community is such a great starting block for any Christian community.

I am sure all of us in Dunfermline will be praying for Tembu, Helen, Jadon, Jem and Kiran. We wish them all the best for their next chapter.

++Mark and Tembu preside over the Eucharist
With almost all the savoury food done, the family cut the cake