Friends of HTD – Jim

As part of Holy Trinity keeping connected, we are trying something new! Whilst we still connect online via our live services we can miss the chats as over a cuppa, in the pew, entering and leaving church. Alongside our Blether with HTD Facebook group we’d love to get to know you (the congregation) making friends and connections old and new through our new Friends of HTD questionnaire. 

Next up we have Jim

Below are some things you may know or may find surprising to continue building friendships in our Holy Trinity community, even during lockdown.

  1. Name: Jim Myles
  2. Where are you from: Born in Arbroath but lived in Dunfermline since 1987
  3. What is/was your occupation? I worked for Bank of Scotland for 33 years before running my own consultancy business for 10 years prior to retirement
  4. Explain a little about what faith is to you? A strong belief in the Trinity
  5. Favourite pastime/hobby? Fly Fishing
  6. What’s your connection to HTD? First service was the Christmas Eve service on 24th December 2018. Met Brenda (one of the choir) at a bus stop earlier that month and I have been coming to HTD since ( I was a member of Abbey Church prior to that).
  7. Tell us about your family… Two children, aged 39 and 37 and two lovely granddaughters.
  8. Do you have any pets? no
  9. Favourite place you have visited? Wyoming/Colorado – Fantastic views of the Rocky Mountains and lovely people
  10. Favourite song or band? Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum
  11. Favourite TV show? Boston Legal
  12. Favourite film? I have a few favourities – The Great Escape, Shawshank Redemption and Field of Dreams
  13. A piece of advice you would give… Don’t bet!
  14. Favourite hymn? Eternal Father, Strong to Save
  15. Favourite colour? Black
  16. Do you have a favourite sport and/or sports team? Football. I am a life long Arbroath fan
  17. Favourite treat to eat? Fish and Chips
  18. If you were to go to a deserted island what 3 things would you take? Brenda, A nice bottle of Malt and a fishing rod!
  19. What’s top of your bucket list? I would like to see the Great Wall of China
  20. An interesting fact about you that might surprise us… My nickname in the Bank was Air Miles because of the amount of travelling I used to do

If you would like to take part in our questionnaire (you can answer some or all the questions – you get to choose) please email ku.gro.hcruhcytinirtylohnull@retsambew and we will send over the instructions.

Thanks for helping us show our church is not a building it is its people during this challenging time.