Friends of HTD – Brenda

As part of Holy Trinity keeping connected, we are trying something new! Whilst we still connect online via our live services we can miss the chats as over a cuppa, in the pew, entering and leaving church. Alongside our Blether with HTD Facebook group we’d love to get to know you (the congregation) making friends and connections old and new through our new Friends of HTD questionnaire. 

Next up we have Brenda


Below are some things you may know or may find surprising to continue building friendships in our Holy Trinity community, even during lockdown.

  1. Name: Brenda Cameron
  2. Where are you from: Born in Durban South Africa. Came to Scotland in 2016
  3. What is/was your occupation?  I was a Nurse helping run a clinic for 15 years, previously worked for a Doctor’s surgery for 12 years. Now a part-time Carer/Companion
  4. Explain a little about what faith is to you? I strongly believe that Jesus died for me so that I can have eternal life
  5. Favourite pastime/hobby? Walking and cooking
  6. What’s your connection to HTD? Within a week of arriving in Scotland I attended a Sunday service at Holy Trinity and I found all of the people I met very welcoming. I am still here!
  7. Tell us about your family… Two daughters, aged 44 and 40 and four  lovely grand children ( 2 boys, 2 girls).
  8. Do you have any pets? Not at the moment but I love small dogs
  9. Favourite place you have visited? Sydney, Australia
  1. Favourite song or band? Queen and the Beatles
  2. Favourite TV show? At the moment, Outlander
  3. Favourite film? The DragonFly starring Kevin Costner
  4. A piece of advice you would give… Think before you say anything that could be hurtful!
  5. Favourite hymn? Amazing Grace
  6. Favourite colour? Purple
  7. Do you have a favourite sport and/or sports team? Tennis and Football (used to be SA Rugby)
  8. Favourite treat to eat? Pizza
  9. If you were to go to a deserted island what 3 things would you take? A sun hat, a good book and fresh water (and of course my Jim)
  10. What’s top of your bucket list? Go to Israel
  11. An interesting fact about you that might surprise us… I am very shy and I sometimes tend to speak too much cover that up!

If you would like to take part in our questionnaire (you can answer some or all the questions – you get to choose) please email ku.gro.hcruhcytinirtylohnull@retsambew and we will send over the instructions.

Thanks for helping us show our church is not a building it is its people during this challenging time.