Fans of Holy Trinity Dunfermline

At Holy Trinity Dunfermline we are always trying to attract new fans. This time however quite literally!

We have been looking to make improvements to the Church building. Fixing leaks, repairing our electrics. We have improved the safety of our heaters at the rear of the church, making sure you can be safe. We want to make the best of our infrastructure.

In our porch we have installed a heater for the first time, above the door to make sure the drafts are kept out – yet in a way that most people didn’t notice the extensive work. We have also installed better lighting which are also more efficient and modern but subtle and in keeping with the church. We have removed excess lighting too to stop wasting energy where fewer modern lamps will do.

Our new porch heater.

The new extractor fans in the bathroom will help keep the moisture down protecting the building. We have installed new powerful hand dryers too which will also cut down on the waste we send to landfill.

We are currently starting to repaint the hall utilising our new safe scaffold – a safer way to maintain the church. The hall we hope to have back up and colourful as soon as possible but we need your help. Can you donate your time or sponsor a tin of paint? Why not make a one off donation in church (contactless or cash) or utilise our online donation tool.

Our new safe scaffold.

We still have a lot of work to carry out including exploratory work in the vestry to ensure the leak has been repaired. This will mean some disruption to the way we use the vestry and the church itself. Please bear with us as we make these improvements!