Easter Prayer

Brenda Cameron wrote this wonderful prayer after one of our Lent Study sessions. We host a range of study sessions throughout the year, please message us for more information about becoming involved.

YOU were with me
In the beginning it was YOU.
All was done and complete.
At some stage of all of this I became me before I knew myself.
Abba Father, my beloved, the road to my life’s path had begun.

YOU were with me
I needed someone to care for me.
Parents and teachers to pray and tell me all about YOU so I could understand.
I was truly blessed and life seemed good.
YOU were with me
Growing up I had choices,
What life’s path I wanted to follow. Some were good and some were not. I forgot about YOU.
I did this without YOU by my side.

YOU were with me
I fell apart. I cried. I was sad.
I was angry. I was happy. I laughed. I danced, but still forgot about YOU.
YOU were with me

As I grew older and more mature, YOU became clearer, I began to understand YOU.
I wanted to know YOU more.
My faith was restored.
YOU were with me
I was tested in my human way.
Choices about life and what it was all about. I had pain and suffering beyond my strength. I cried often. Why me?
I did not understand.

YOU were with me
Soon the beautiful picture became clearer.
YOU are with me all the time.
I see you LORD as my comforter, my saviour and my friend.

I need to talk to YOU, pray, learn and listen to all who know YOU. YOU are my strength and light.
I know now and understand.
YOU are the way and the truth and the life.
YOU died to save me.
I am never alone.
YOU were with me
To my end and ever after. Beloved Lord Jesus I thank you. I love YOU.

Brenda: I wrote this after an Easter Lent Bible Study I went on. We were asked to write our own story about our faith journey.