Easter Garden

When Gill asked if I would kindly put together the Easter Garden, I felt very humbled.

Let me start and say why. My faith is very real but it is a simple faith and I am always thinking and sometimes do have thoughts and questions in my heart but!!!

When I am doing or making things for the church, I always ask myself why. Why am I here, what I am getting out of this, are other people happy. First and foremost is the love I feel for all in our church and it’s such a community with many in the background holding and keeping us together. Letting me remember it’s about love and our faith and sharing and giving back.

So, with God ‘s Grace I will tell my story of The Easter Garden – my simple thoughts and meaning.
The crosses on the hill represent for me so much pain. The pain and unbearable suffering that Jesus and the two other very different men went through. Once when I was on a Retreat in South Africa, we were asked “does any human really understand what it’s like to hang nailed on a cross to suffer and die”. All of us in room said no but we were told in a detailed way what must have been felt like. As you can imagine the room was very quiet with little words but lots of tears. Jesus the man who became human suffered the most as He knew that this was what He was sent to earth for. To die for us and His cross of pain is for all of our sins.  Of course, the two men suffered also – one man believed that Jesus came down to earth to save us and give us everlasting life and the other man questioned and did not understand why he was being crucified. How this tests all humans and me and do we have Grace to believe or not. This is my faith and I believe.

The stone path is leading us where Jesus was taken into the Tomb with the big, heavy stone blocking the entrance. On Easter Sunday the stone has been rolled away and the tomb is empty. I can’t answer how or where but with God’s Grace believe. He was not there for He had risen. Matthew 28:6

The red flowers are for me representing the blood that Jesus shed, all 5 litres of his dripping out of his body with pain and love for the new world to come. Even calling out to God. Loudly my God, my God, why hast though forsaken me. Psalm 22.1

The White flowers are, for me, the light that He brings to us all in this beautiful place we call earth – God’s creation.

The orange flowers next to the tomb are the beauty and hope that we can pass onto others. This is my faith simple and very real. A man who was the son of God sent to be born human who died for us so that we could have everlasting life. John 3 :16

Brenda Myles