Church Break In

Our communications team had special permission to head to the church to set up our new camera equipment and put up our new signage. On heading to the kitchen to wash up a startling discovery was happened upon. Unfortunately they came across some vandalism after a clear break in at the church.

The vandal had focused their efforts on a large safety poster and map of the kitchen. This seemed an odd item to vandalise, and an investigation immediately took place. No other vandalism was found so the search focused around the poster itself.

Asleep at the crime scene

The team however found the culprit asleep at the scene of the crime. To ensure that no further vandalism was carried out a citizens arrest had to take place. They were accosted and removed from the property and placed into the garden to serve out the rest of their time.

Removed from the property

We would like to thank the Communications team for their swift action and hope we can put this criminal damage behind us. Although we do need a volunteer to redraw our poster once we reopen the building fully.