Children are a gift from the Lord

Youth Service talkIf children are a gift, then young adults are the whole party. We are very lucky in Holy Trinity to be members of the Fife Cluster Youth Fellowship. A group of young adults from across west Fife come together every week during term times to share fun, laughter, food, friends but also faith. This year we have watched films about the funny side of war, slept over in the church, played games in the park, held our own bake off, been to the theatre, ate huge amounts of food and even gone to Ikea!

In November they had the opportunity to take over two services, one in Kirkcaldy and the other in Dunfermline. The YF wrote a full service, selected songs and even took the sermon. The service was not only fun, and uplifting but also a deeply reflective and moving. The held a Q&A about the Provincial Youth week Glenalmond and spoke about how the camp and the network it created helped build up the YF and their own faith and how the YF itself helps in every day life.

The congregations were asked to write down something that concerned or worried them, these bits of paper were taken in, blessed and then mixed up before being returned to someone different in the congregation. They were given a candle and asked to take the concerns home and pray for whatever was written. The YF wanted to show the power of prayer and the comfort of knowing people were thinking and praying for you.Youth Service

I would like to thank all of our YF for one of the most spiritual services I have attended this year, they brought everything together, all gave ideas and spoke very well. Thank you all and I can’t wait for the next time you take over!


A member of the YF? Wanting to Join? YF is for young adults who are half way through P7 and upwards. Get in touch with Andrew Wedge our Youth Leaders via our Contact us page.

The YF have three more meetings this year:

27th Nov 1815h – Fife Lesuire Park : Advance Snowball Practice.

4th Dec 1500h – Edinburgh: Capital Feasts and Capital Friends.

11th Dec 1615h – Holy Trinity: Its the end of the Year as we know it.

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