Blether with Holy Trinity

At Holy Trinity we are always looking to improve our community and move forward. This lockdown has allowed us to put some of our slow burning plans into action and they are now at the forefront of our worship and community. You can find information on this website but also join us on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Our latest offering is a group to share more socially, something that most of us really miss whilst the church is closed. Whilst the website and Facebook page all provide formal updates and with YouTube as well we can offer a range of live services we felt it didn’t give us space to Blether away like we would when we attended in person.

Now you can ‘Blether with Holy Trinity Dunfermline’ through our new Facebook group. Here we want to provide a space to come together, to Blether with friends, pray and be social with each other. It is hoped we will have soon have streamed sessions to catch up with each other like we usually would before or after a service.

Here we can share recipes, photos from our walks and exercise outside. Have a laugh and talk about how we are finding it. We hope it helps bring us closer together. If you are a new or retuning member or just want to join our loving friendly community please feel free to join. The group is open to anyone who has or would like a link with Holy Trinity Dunfermline.

To join simply click on or copy the link to our group below. Whilst all are welcome the posts are not visible to anyone outside the group. So we can share our chat and lives in safety. Once on the group simply click the ask to join and answer a simple question on what your link is (or would like to be) with Holy Trinity. This simply stops anyone with malicious intent joining the group. Then one of our small group of active admins will approve you within seconds (unless it’s the middle of the night we may all be sleeping). Hey presto you are in and it’s much easier than it sounds here. Come and join us, remember the Scottish Episcopal Church welcomes You!

Join us online for a Blether today

We hope in the coming weeks to open a Blethering live steam where we can say hi and catch up with each other virtually face to face. We will still communicate formally via our website And Facebook page.