Becoming part of the answer

A series of Lenten studies on Wednesdays at 7.30pm in our Church Hall, organised by Jim Mein. He writes: My reason for inviting five ‘experts’ to introduce the five different topics is two‑fold:

First, because I believe these are each serious topics for Christians and we need to struggle to see what our faith may be saying about them, or how our faith might help us see them more clearly. What does the Bible say? What did Jesus say?

But second, because I’m not sure there will be or indeed is “an answer”. I suspect our faith might speak to us in parables – suggesting some principles we should keep in mind, but leaving the particulars to be worked out in the particularities of living. We might find hearing the feelings and ideas of others enlightening. Those introducing each week will be trying to see at least two sides and inviting us to listen.

25 February: Inter-faith relations
Frank Bowness from the Fife Inter-faith group will introduce some of things happening in our area and invite discussion about how we maintain our own Christian integrity while giving due attention to other faiths.

4 March: Palestine and Israel
Nancy Adams, a regular visitor to the Holy Land will introduce her experiences of listening to the many different voices of this troubled region.

11 March: Same-sex relationships
Lis Burke from Perth attended the Provincial conference about this and will introduce the discussion. [Her name was suggested by Bishop David]

18 March: Homelessness
Jeremy Balfour from Scottish Churches Housing Action is coming to help us think through the issues – who has responsibility? Government, voluntary bodies, individuals? And what do we say or do when we pass someone sitting on the pavement?

25 March: End of life issues
Gordon McLaren, who is the Public Health Consultant in Fife and on the Board of “Good life, good death, good grief”, will lead our thinking. This is not a body which promotes assisted suicide, but rather asks how we care for those who are close to the end of life, particularly if they are suffering and have no desire to struggle on?