Back to the future

We are pleased to finally reveal our new Children’s and Buggies area at Holy Trinity!

Our new area for young families

After speaking to many of our young parents the need for an area in the church itself became apparent. Our church hall has a wonderful space for our young church that meet every week during the start of our Sunday service. Open to all crèche and primary aged children they have a wonderfully full programme throughout term time. However for parents with younger children or those who simply don’t want to be in crèche a space in the church was required.

You can find a range of toys and books for you to use.

The vestry looked at putting a new children’s area at the front or middle of the church. The aim to be a space for buggies to park and play for young children to move around safely but still be the focal point for the church. Our parents however opted for a space at the rear of the church to allow them quick exit if need be and the flexibility to come in and out of the church throughout the service. The vestry voted to remove two pews, one side for wheelchairs and a new tech booth and the other pictured for our new children’s area. Our hope is to fill the Area with toys and books, we already have bags in every second pew with a couple books and quiet toys for children to use throughout the service. We hope this area will make the service a much less stressful time for parents and much more fun for children so they can relax and play whilst being part of our service.

Slightly brighter than Naval Decks!

We would like to thank all those involved – from funding, procurement, carpenters, painters and our trained deck layer pictured who is more used to laying deck coverings on Royal Navy ships and submarines rather than churches.