AGM 2020

Our Annual General Meeting took place online this year for the first time in our history. The meeting on the 7th Dec 2020 at 7pm was reasonably well attended, whilst many dialed into the meeting some joined through a video conferencing app. The purpose of the meeting is to update the congregation on progress with the church, our finances and our many wonderful groups.

You can watch back the meeting at a time to suit you now.

2020 Annual General Meeting

The body which, along with the Rector, has responsibility for running all aspects of congregational life is the Vestry. The Vestry is responsible not only for the fixtures and fittings and finances, but also for the mission and ministry of the congregation and our ongoing vision. They also act as Trustees for the church as a charity.

The Vestry is made up of six members who are elected at the AGM to serve for a period of three years plus, ex officio, the Rector, the Secretary and Treasurer (who are elected by the Vestry), the Rector’s Warden (appointed each year at the AGM by the Rector), the People’s Warden and the Lay Representative (both elected each year at the AGM by the congregation). An Alternate Lay Rep also accompanies the Lay Rep to Area Council, a collection of Episcopal churches in our local area (Fife Cluster). They can then be nominated to Diosecan Synod and then from there representatives are sent to the Provincial Synod.

Additional Roles are also allocated to either Vestry Members or Non Voting Vestry members who are invited to vestry meetings. These include but are not limited to Youth Fellowship Rep, Young Church Rep, PVG Coordinator and Administrator.

For more information on how the Vestry operates head to our Provincial Website.

Holy Trinity Dunfermline – AGM 2020

AGM Reports

Reports are submitted to the AGM for the congregation to approve at the meeting, a selection of these can be found below.

HTD Rector’s Report 2020

There is no doubt that this report will be unlike any other Rector’s Report that I have ever written. Can I begin therefore by offering grateful thanks to everyone for their prayers and the support that has been offered and received by us all during these difficult and unprecedented times. Twenty twenty will be a year that will remain in our hearts and minds for a long time.
The pandemic however must not be the only aspect to report on this
year. After our last ACM we were able to celebrate Christmas with our usual round of services and celebrations. To everyone involved in any
way with such celebrations can I offer my grateful thanks. Once again some members of the congregation sang carols in the porch and we
were greeted enthusiastically by passers-by and the occasional car horn!
The new year saw Ross Stirling-Young join us on placement as part of his discernment to authorised ministry. It was a great joy to have Ross as a colleague and we wish him well as he continues this journey of discernment. I know that Ross thoroughly enjoyed his time with us and
again I would like to offer grateful thanks to the congregation for making this such a successful placement.
Sadly, the new year also brought other challenges. The initial outbreak of Covid 19 saw various changes in our worship and common church
practice. Such initial changes then led to a very difficult time for us all as the global pandemic ensued. It was with great sadness that the
doors of our church had to close as we all entered full lockdown. However, the banner that was subsequently placed on the railings of
the church reminded us that the church is not just a building but is the people who share together as a community of faith. This banner
received many positive comments not only from passers-by but also from further afield as we began on a new venture of live-streamed
Both Thursday and Sunday eucharists were held each week with members of the congregation signing in to share in worship. Livestreaming also meant that people from outwith the congregation could also share in worship and the services became a tool of mission. My little Franciscan teddy has represented the young church at every
service and has even been the focus of attention from several people worshipping via social media!
I know that there are separate reports from the Youth Fellowship and Young Church, however I would like to offer grateful thanks to those
who assist with this important and valued work. Youth Fellowship and Young Church are an integral part of our worshipping community and
the contributions they offer enrich our common church life. Prior to lockdown both the YF and Young Church were able to meet and contribute to our common church life. Last year I referred to the game of ‘Hitting Sticks’ and I am pleased to say that not only did I survive another session but that Ruth also played and more importantly ended
the evening unscathed! Many thanks to the YF leaders, Andrew Wedge, Rachel Walker, James Gardener and Canon Christine Fraser,
thanks also to all who take part in the YF and for the contribution they make to our church life.
I very much look forward to the time when our Young Church can once again assist in our regular worship and offer my grateful thanks to
Elaine, Shona and Leslie along with the other parents who assist with the leading of Young Church. This has been a particularly demanding
time for all families and on behalf of all the congregation I offer my grateful thanks for the wonderful contribution they offer and assure
them of all our prayers at this difficult and demanding time.

Although we are now permitted to worship in church, we are still recording our Sunday service so that those who are unable to come to
church can still feel that they are part of the regular worshipping community.
It is at this point that I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Andrew Wedge and Richard Peat for their technical skill in
assisting with the task of broadcasting and recording such services. I know that such broadcasts have sustained many during these trying times. Thanks also go to Beth Peat and Rachel Walker for assisting with the online service sheets, music lyrics and multiple additional tasks they took on to help us all behind the scenes.
Although some restrictions have eased, we will continue to live-stream our Sunday worship.
Sadly, the current restrictions do not allow us to enjoy the wonderful music and hymn singing that the choir offers and we all enjoy.
However hopefully in the not too distant future we will once again be able to fully participate in worship and sing our thanksgivings and
praise. I would like to offer grateful thanks to Roger our organist and to the several readers who record their readings in order that our worship
can be as near our normal practice as is possible.
Grateful thanks also go to Father Ross Kennedy and Canon Oliver O’Donovan for their valued service and assistance in leading worship. The ministry they offer is very much appreciated by us all.
The restrictions of lockdown and recent times have had an impact on us all and I would like to thank all members of the congregation who
have gone the extra mile in helping others, in particular can I thank those of the Contact group who have kept in touch with members
throughout this time.

As we moved out of full lockdown we were able to once more worship in church and several people have taken on the duty of assisting those
attending church whilst adhering to the guidelines issued by the government and our own provincial advisory group.
The maintenance of the church does not lie dormant and I would like
to thank all those who work very hard, often behind the scenes, to keep the church in a good state of repair. It is hoped that in the near
future an external glass door will be fitted that will not only enhance the entrance to the church but will also create a space where people
can be welcomed as they enter the building. My thanks go to Jack Wardell and others who regularly look after the maintenance of our
beautiful building.
Although we have relatively recently been able to return and use the church for worship I would like to thank those who continue to assist in
creating a colourful and worshipful space. My thanks go to Gill Wardell and all who assist with floral decoration and also to Frances Jack our
sacristan who ensures that the various liturgical colours and frontals are all in place during the year.
In offering grateful thanks there is always a danger of inadvertently omitting someone so if I have not mentioned you by name please be
assured of my heartfelt thanks for all that you do for our church and its’ wider mission to the community.
In offering my grateful thanks can I name in particular my Rector’s Warden, David Dean, People’s Warden, Linda Sherwood and our
Administrator Fiona Barcroft. I am most grateful for the support and counsel that they offer.

Throughout the year the life of the Diocese has continued as best it can and a lot of my time has been spent working alongside Bishop Ian
and the Diocesan Staff. It is a privilege to work with Bishop Ian as Dean of the Diocese and I would like to thank you all for the prayerful
support that you offer. This has undoubtedly been a very stressful and difficult time for many
in our community and it is highly likely that some form of restriction will remain with us for some time to come.
In offering thanks to all who continue to assist with the work of our church can I ask you to continue to pray for Bishop Ian, this diocese
and our church community. As the banner on our railings stated, the church is first and foremost people.
May God bless us all as we seek to share the Good News of the Risen and Ascended Lord.
With my best wishes and prayers for you all.


People’s Warden

I started last year’s report with the words, “What a difference a year makes” and that would also make an appropriate start to my report for
After the isolation of lockdown, it was great to be re-opening the church if only in a very limited way for private prayer but now, with the
resumption of services, we can see each other if not face to face at least eye to eye and to see people in the flesh has been a great tonic.
It was a bit of a challenge to find the best way of providing safety from the virus but I hope you feel that the duty teams on a Thursday and
Sunday are helping you to enjoy worship in a Covid free environment.
To those who are watching services from home, you are certainly not forgotten and we hope the time will soon come when you feel able to
join us in person once again.
Thanks to David and all the team members for their hard work, to the readers online and in church and especially to Kenny who has worked
tirelessly to make everything happen.
Keep safe and stay well.
Linda Sherwood

Vestry Report

It has been an unusual year with Vestry meetings switching to online platforms due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Vestry has concentrated
efforts on keeping up to date with and following Government guidance throughout. For those not online there is a weekly mailing with the
service information. As lockdown eased the church was opened for private prayer initially with services in church starting in October.
Throughout lockdown services were streamed and recorded twice weekly. The Good Friday Happening included not only from the
younger members of church but also the wider congregation and people outwith our church. The videos were put on Facebook and YouTube for people to watch at their leisure. This has meant our services have reached a wide audience over and above our own congregation. DVDs were made of these services and are available on
The website has been updated although still a work in progress does have much more information and we are always happy to receive
comments and suggestions to improve it. The website, Facebook and weekly emails were used to keep in touch with the congregation. A
new Prayer Group and Blether’s Facebook page were set up byRachel Walker and Andrew Wedge which enabled members to keep in
contact and remember others in prayer.
In additional to routine maintenance, there has been several projects that arose from the church Vision meeting. Over the year the Vestry
has arranged for repairs and maintenance issues to be addressed including:

Rectory gas fire has been repaired.

Quinquennial survey was completed and is being reviewed

Church heaters were replaced thanks to a donation from the
baking stall proceeds.

Smart meter being put in the Rectory

The following non-routine property matters arose from the Vision
• Planning application was submitted to fit glass double doors to the entrance
• Proposals were considered for new signs for the front of the church
These planning applications have been approved and are awaiting the contractors availability to deliver.

As well as our own church group using the hall, there were regular
community users. This was suspended in March and remains the case until further notice.
Vestry is pleased that Young Church and Youth Fellowship has been supported on-line and via email while these groups have been unable
to meet. Elaine sent the children in Young Church an Advent book, Walking to Bethlehem, which we hope the children enjoy.

Thanks to
• Andrew Wedge and Richard Peat for their IT expertise which has enabled the services to be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube assisted by Beth Peat who compiled the online hymns.
Thanks to our Organist for providing hymns for our online services and all the readers who participated.
• Adrian Neville and Charina Beswick for the advice and work on the proposed new front doors.
• Communication Group for their work on designing new signage and updating the website led by Andrew Wedge and assisted by Rachel Walker.
• All those that helped to look after both the Church building and garden, particularly the cleaners who have kept the church clean in accordance with Covid requirements.

• All those who helped decorating the church and providing refreshments.
• All the group leaders and the Contact Group representatives who have stayed in touch despite the difficult circumstances.
• All those who helped prepare the church to re-open and guided the Vestry to operate in a Covid safe way and follow Government guidance, in particular Elaine Cromwell and David
• Andrew Morris who has continued to advise us on required action for the PVG Scheme.
• Everyone who comes to church and is involved in the life of the church. Each one of you play a part in making Holy Trinity such a welcoming and special place of worship and fellowship
James Barcroft, Secretary

Lay Representative Report for Holy Trinity AGM

At the meeting in February, Ross Stirling-Young gave a presentation about his involvement with the Arunuma Hospice in Kolkata which he
had visited last in November 2019. Plans were made for the rest of the year but soon after had to be changed due to Covid-19 restrictions. The next Area Council function, the annual service, would not be held until September and it took the form of a Zoom service led by Father David Mackenzie-Mills.
Sadly I was unable to attend Diocesan Synod this year due to ill health but Richard Peat represented our congregation in my place. My thanks
to him.
Linda Brownlie

PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups)

I have continued in the role of PVG Coordinator for Holy Trinity Church in 2020. Records of those carrying out “Regulated Work” within the
church have been maintained and I also act as a point of contact for any questions on safeguarding practice and concerns. The PVG Coordinator’s contact details and those of other related agencies are displayed in the church hall. Please note that my mobile number for any questions or concerns is now 07764 654376.
The number of people registered to undertake “Regulated Work” at Holy
Trinity is shown below and is unchanged from last year’s report. Regulated Work with Children (Young Church & Youth Fellowship): 10
Pastoral Visitors/Work with Protected Adults: 16
No new applications to join the PVG Scheme have been processed during the year. Anyone who wishes to undertake “regulated work” with
children and/or protected adults will need to apply to join the scheme and receive their certificate before taking part in these activities.
I can report that I have not raised any concern with the Provincial Officer or with either local authority social services or the police since the 2019
The annual Congregational Safeguarding Checklist was completed and sent to the Diocese following the AGM in 2019 confirming that Holy
Trinity has an appointed PVG Coordinator, that contact details are available to members of the congregation and that the coordinator is
aware of local police and social services contact details and the procedures to be followed should an incident be reported or a concern
Diocesan Safeguarding Training days were arranged for 2020 and took place in the Cathedral in Perth. The first, in February, was for clergy,
which the Rector attended, and the second, in early March, was mainly for PVG Coordinators. A third event for vestry members and any others
interested, due to be held later this year, was postponed. The events which did take place were led by the Provincial Safeguarding Officer,
Donald Urquhart. The PVG Coordinators session, which I attended, was attended by over 75 people and was a lively mix of information from
Donald and questions from the floor. His session included topics on safeguarding in the church in general, understanding who is vulnerable
within the church and the introduction of the updated Safeguarding Policy Statement for the Scottish Episcopal Church, which now
combines the previous two individual statements, for children and for vulnerable adults, into a single document.
One of the main changes to Safeguarding, to be implemented in the near future, relates to the PVG Scheme. Currently the scheme provides
a once only certificate following a successful application. Probably from next year, there will be a need for scheme members to reapply every 4
years to ensure that both individual church and diocesan records are regularly updated.
The Provincial Office is in the process of moving from the use of paper forms to an on-line platform for any new member applications and
Andrew Morris
PVG Coordinator
Holy Trinity, Dunfermline

Meditation Group Report

This small group with members from Holy Trinity and other churches has continued to meet on a weekly basis via Zoom once we were
unable to meet in church following lock-down. Our meetings are held on Tuesday afternoons at 3pm, please contact me if you would like to
join us.
Linda Brownlie

Young Church

This has been a year like no other with Young Church unable to meet from March 2020 due to the Covid-19 restrictions. As I write, we are
still not able to meet physically but are slowly starting to explore new ways of being together and are about to embark on an Advent Journey
together using a book by Fay Rowland called Walking to Bethlehem.
We started the new year on a high with a revamp of our area in the hall. We purchased a lovely new, round table and colourful chairs to
make our space welcoming and practical.
During December 2019, Young Church charmed the congregation with their annual retelling of the Nativity. The whole congregation took part
this year with some beatific angles, spledid shepherds and regal kings to be found sitting in the pews. We even had a newborn baby to place
in the crib with proud parents Laura and Graham, visiting us that day with 10 day old Heidi. As ever, Andrew Wedge and Rachel Walker were outstanding, assisting us with the reading of the messages sent from God.
Young Church also led our annual Christingle service on Christmas Eve including the now customary ‘make your own Christingle’.

We started 2020 with a full program of Sunday activities centred around the Gospel readings but sadly didn’t even make it to Mothering
Sunday before the church had to close. Like so many other areas of life this year, we have missed significant milestones, not least the “graduation” of 5 of our young church to Secondary School and Youth Fellowship.
It’s been a difficult time for so many, including our young church families and leaders. Our hope and prayer is that with the roll out of a
vaccine in the new year, restrictions can ease and we can once again, meet together.
Young Church thanks Kenny and the congregation for their continued support and very much looks forward to seeing you all soon again.
Elaine x

Fife Cluster Youth Fellowship

YF in the last 12 months has been brilliant, challenging and a great laugh. Whilst Covid-19 has effected what we offer, we have still seen
the planned expansion we spoke about last year with great success. We had another great evening last November bowling with a huge
turnout at Fife Leisure Park and some really good (and some really bad) examples on how to bowl. We ended the year with wonderful
Christmas craft before restarting YF in 2020 with our traditional hitting sticks.
We managed to host the annual pancake day quiz at Holy Trinity which seems so long ago with delegates testing the congregation’s
knowledge of movies, sport, physics and computer games.
Unfortunately, our quiz and chippy night at Kirkcaldy had to be cancelled but thanks to their generosity we still received a significant donation, which will mean we can have another long awaited day out as soon as restrictions allow.

When Covid hit we stopped YF meeting in the hope normal service would soon resume. However, when it became apparent that this
would not be the case, we moved YF online using Zoom. We took the decision to carry YF on over the summer to provide some support to
our delegates in what was a fair uncertain time, especially with cancelled holidays and uncertain exam results.
We also took the decision to start YF+ which was an idea the leadership team had been sitting on for a while. The idea was to open a space for faith-based discussion as an optional extra after the
normal YF slot. Based on the house group discussion style from Glenalmond that delegates were used to and using the same readings
as the lectionary and Sunday sermons. This group was not to teach or inform but to help explore and guide our delegates to consider their
faith more deeply. The delegates who have attended have passed on such encouraging messages of how it has not only supported them but helped them find a place in their faith.
Online youth work is different and comes with unique challenges, some of our delegates do not feel able to join us online which of
course is ok and we look forward to seeing them when we meet in person again. We have enjoyed a range of quizzes and games, fancy dress nights and crafts.
This session we had a night on remembrance, a fancy dress Halloween party, a quiz based on Fife, cooking challenges and will end with Christmas craft before a Christmas party. With Fife moving
into Level 3 we will not be meeting in person before Christmas and it is not yet anticipated when we will meet again in person.
I would like to thank my whole team who have put in a huge amount of effort to plan 2 online engaging sessions a week and especially to
Rachel who took the lead on delivering the idea of YF+ into a format we all value and delegates enjoy. We also thank our delegates who
are the reason we turn up and their families for supporting them to attend and work their evenings around YF.
Best Regards

Holy Trinity Friendship Group (formerly Wives Group)

We held our own beautiful Opening Service for 2019 on the 9th September, with prayers and readings by members of the group.
• 23rd September – UP NORTH – CAITHNESS AND ORKNEY –
Arthur Lloyd gave a splendid talk with music.
• 7th October – R.S.P.B. – Alasdair Lemon told us about the work of RSPB Scotland.
• 21st October – Linda Sherwood, with the help of her son, saved the day when the expected speaker failed to turn up. We thoroughly enjoyed a DVD about Dunkeld Cathedral.
• 4th November – C H A S – KEEP THE JOY ALIVE – This was thespeaker, Margaret Langlands, who should have been speaking at the meeting previously. She gave a short presentation about their work.
• Saturday 16th November – LUNCH – Soup with crusty bread then cake to follow. This was well attended, as usual, and we enjoyed some delicious homemade soup and cakes made by some of our
• 18th November – FLOWER ARRANGING – Gill Wardell gave another brilliant demonstration and the audience had the opportunity to take home a wonderful arrangement.
• 2nd December – ADVENT REFLECTIONS.
• 16th December – CHRISTMAS PARTY TIME ! A very enjoyable time was had by all, as usual.
• 13th January – FESTIVE LUNCH – we returned to the Pitbauchlie Hotel. We all had a lovely lunch, enjoyed by everyone.
• 27th January – SAMH – GOING FORTH DUNFERMLINE – dedicated to mental health and well-being for all.
• 10th February – WEST FIFE WOODLANDS – Frank Waterworth gave a talk about their work, including the Snowdrop Walk.
• 25th February – SHROVE TUESDAY – PANCAKE PARTY – we enjoyed lovely pancakes made by some of our ladies, raffle, quiz conjured up by our Youth Fellowship, and good company.
• 9th March – PILGRIMS WAY – a talk by Lynn Strachan, one of the Rangers.
At this point the programme had to be abandoned due to the restrictions to protect us all from Covid 19.
We have every intention of resuming some sort of programme as soon as it is deemed to be safe to do so – who knows when! It will be a
pleasure to welcome you all back.
Take care of yourselves and stay safe and well !
God Bless you all.
Yvonne Gosling
Secretary, Holy Trinity Friendship Group

Baking Stall and Dorcas Group

With all the uncertainty going into lockdown, money from Home Baking and Dorcas was handed over to the Treasurer.
Two replacement heaters for the back of the Church and one for the vestry were purchased the remainder going into general Church funds.
On a personal note, I would like to thank you for your support to the baking stall over the years I have been running it. When restrictions are
lifted and we are able to bake again I feel that is the time for me to hand over the reins to someone else.
Dorcas will resume of course like other groups when the time is right.
Take care, stay safe
Sheila Hawkins

Retiring Collections

This has been a difficult year for all of us, missing seeing our family and friends. But it has also been difficult for Charities, especially the
smaller ones whose income has been greatly reduced during lockdown. This year we have only been able to collect for two charities, in January and February – CHAS and Alzheimer’s Scotland,
before the Coronavirus closed the Church and our ability to collect monthly.
With the excellent news of a vaccine in the not too distant future and when the church returns to “normal”, albeit a new normal, we will be
able to resume our charitable giving.
I am preparing a list for the coming year and if anyone has any suggestions for a charity close to their heart, please let me know and
this will be considered by Vestry.
Thank you all very much for your continued support and your valuable contributions. I know this is appreciated by the recipient charities.
Eve Gilchrist

**Editor – The Church itself, Poppy Scotland and others have been supported in a small way through donations online via Facebook. Thanks to all those who supported us online**


Collections were made throughout the year. Thanks to all the
congregation who supported this worthy cause and thank you to Jack
and Gill who delivered the food collected whenever the collection
basket was full.

Prayer Group Report

“Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you.” – Jeremiah 29:12

In June when updating the church website I noticed there used to be a prayer group based in Holy Trinity. I had been part of a few prayer chains in the past and with the ongoing lockdown felt there was no better time for the power of prayer and connection in our community (Holy Trinity Dunfermline and St Margaret’s, Rosyth). We have over 10 people who are committed to praying for each other, the work of the church and those in our community. All prayer requests are confidential and only first names are used to respect the privacy of those we pray for. Some of us also meet fortnightly on zoom for a time of fellowship with an informal prayerful reflective worship; we enjoy different forms and resources to explore our faith together.  If you want to find out more, get involved in our community or to ask for prayer (for yourself or others) email ku.gro.hcruhcytinirtylohnull@reyarp, message us on Facebook Messenger, speak to the rector or people’s warden.

“Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.” – Romans 12:12

Stay strong, stay safe, stay faithful.

Rachel Walker (on behalf of the prayer group)