A new Red Dawn

After over 20 years Holy Trinity was due a fresh coat of paint. With huge thanks to Queensferry Decorators who carried out the work for us.

The church was previously painted in a light green with a purple above the alter. Over the years it faded and a new colour to bring in as much light as possible into the church was requested by the congregation. A warm cream was brought in to be modern looking but stay in keeping with the wonderful stone and woodwork. To welcome in the this new period a new colour was chosen to match with the beautiful and original reredos at our altar. Bringing out the Red was key and this compliments our red carpet and the red in our original over 140 year old tiles.

Our church just after it was painted.

We must give huge thanks to the team from Queensferry decorators who worked around church services and also some funerals, ensuring the work was completed on time, on budget and that the church was clean in between. I hope you will agree they have done an incredible job and it looks brilliant in person. It was also completed before Dunfermline’s turn to host one of Fife’s doors open day where we had over 50 visitors to the church during the day, complimented with another 50 for the Area Council service in the evening.

We hope you can come and see the bright cleaning church in person soon!!

Thanks to Queensferry Decorators!