A new dawn

Have you been to Holy Trinity Recently?

Holy Trinity is undergoing some major renovations and changes moving us towards the future. The website has covered many of these changes but the next we will bring you is a sneak peak of what is to come.

Those who joined us on Sunday will have seen the remarkable transformation throughout the church after our large scale redecorating and improvements project really took off. Not seen it yet? Then come and visit us! Until we show you the inside of the church itself, here is another sneak peak of what the Church could look like, this time with pictures of our freshly painted Vestibule.

The Eagle eyed amongst you will notice the misplaced pew. Those who have been following the changes will know two new areas are being created for the church. The pews themselves will not be leaving the grounds with one due to be placed in the porch and the other in the garden to provide more seating. Keep an eye out for our next update on our new children’s areas later this week!

Despite being an old building we have modern disabled access lifts that can help anyone, young or old, to ride into the church in style. Please ask anyone of our welcome team, rector or wardens who will quickly assist you to save those aches and pains or simply to avoid you walking or carrying buggies down the stairs. Please just ask we are more than happy to help!